VW Crafter with exterior rack, roof rack and tool cabinet system.

For more than 40 years, HEGLA Fahrzeugbau has provided customers with functional and expert industry solutions for transporting glass and structural elements. Whether it’s for transporting conventional glass or bulky and oversized elements, with customised solutions and personalised advice, HEGLA adapts your delivery vehicle with the best additional equipment to suit your requirements.

VW Crafter mit Glasreff als Branchenfahrzeug für glasverarbeitende Betriebe

HEGLA exterior rack features

  • Robust, fully welded aluminium construction,
  • Loading areas perfectly adapted for the vehicle,
  • Exterior rack fitted as standard with steps and rain drain profile,
  • To offer additional security for goods, the exterior rack features two lashing rails,
  • When transporting long goods, the front and rear limiter plates can be removed,
  • Inclinometer to load and unload glass safely,
  • Variable loading height adjustment and telescopic clamping bars for tall goods,
  • Optional roof rack and ladder roller,
  • Optionally available in a colour to match the vehicle and/or as a double-sided rack.

Transport attachments by the market leader

In close consultation with vehicle manufacturers, we develop transport attachments that offer maximum loading options. We attach great importance to the longevity of our racks. The special aluminium profiles used are particularly weather- and torsion-resistant. By incorporating fully welded and galvanised supports, we are able to offer as standard the high quality that has enabled us to become the market leader for these special attachments.

Configurable options

HEGLA Transporter Removable exterior rack
Painted exterior rack
Exterior rack on both sides
Roof rack
Standard interior rack
HEGLA Transporter Auflage klappbarFolding horizontal support
Folding horizontal support, divided
Tie rods and hole pattern
Horizontal interior supportHorizontal interior support
Ladder roller
Pull-out interior rack
Tool cabinet system
HEGLA Transporter
HEGLA Transporter Auflage klappbar
Horizontal interior support

Top-quality consulting,
planning and implementation

There is nothing that can’t be improved. Our staff are always striving to become better and ensure “quality in everything we do”.

The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal, and we are driven by a desire to offer them bespoke consultancy and customer care.

We will work with you to find the perfect solution for your lorries and delivery vehicles for transporting panes, frames, windows and bulky items.

Chat to us, we would be happy to advise you.

  • We treat our customers as partners
  • Highest quality and bespoke consulting for our customers
  • The right attachment for every vehicle type and need
  • With three locations we’re always close by
Der VW Crafter ist ausgestattet mit einem HEGLA Außenreff, einem Dachgepäckträger sowie einer Leiterrolle.
An dem VW Crafter ist ein HEGLA Außenreff montiert.
Der VW Crafter ist mit einem Außenreff in Wagenfarbe ausgestattet.
Am VW Crafter ist ein HEGLA Außenreff montiert.
Bei der seitlichen Darstellung des VW Crafters ist das HEGLA Außenreff in Wagenfarbe zu sehen.