Renault Trafic – The compact glass transporter for car parks

With your compact Renault Trafic and HEGLA attachment, you can get your load safely on the road. Due to its narrow vehicle width and height, the glass transporter is the ideal solution for proper transport in big city traffic. Thanks to its small wheelbase and height-adjustable exterior rack, you can drive this vehicle into practically any car park and give your range of applications an extra boost.

HEGLA Renault Trafic car park vehicle

Folding exterior rack for reduced vehicle width

If necessary, you can reduce the width of your vehicle by folding up the exterior rack. IGUs, windows, and large formats can be placed on the easily accessible, ergonomic rack and transported to their destination. All vehicles can also be equipped with an interior rack to accommodate materials that require special protection or even more flexible delivery route planning for multiple customers. A cabinet integrated into the interior also offers sufficient storage space for tools, installation materials, and other goods.

HEGLA exterior rack features

  • Easily removable aluminium exterior rack with folding horizontal support,
  • Loading surfaces precisely adapted to the vehicle,
  • Narrow vehicle width, and low height.

HEGLA attachment features

  • Pull-out interior rack with folding horizontal support,
  • Variable load high adjustment for high goods,
  • Würth tool cabinet system.

Transport attachments from the market leader

In close consultation with vehicle manufacturers, we develop transport attachments that offer maximum loading options. The longevity of our racks is one of our top priorities. The special aluminium profiles we use are particularly weather- and torsion-resistant. By incorporating fully welded and galvanised supports, we are able to offer as standard the high quality that has seen us become the market leader for these special attachments.

Configurable options

 HEGLA Transporter with extendable inner reefPull-out interior rack
 HEGLA Transport Tool cabinet systemTool cabinet system
HEGLA Transporter outer reefing painted
 HEGLA Transporter with extendable inner reef
 HEGLA Transport Tool cabinet system

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