MAN TGS 18.420 with Palfinger crane and tarpaulin-covered rack as an attachment option

Even when going beyond the local area and handling large delivery quantities, stay flexible with a truck converted by HEGLA Fahrzeugbau for the glass industry. Perfectly designed to suit your logistics tasks, the features that we will work with you as partners to choose will offer you flexibility and loading spaces, while also ensuring the professional and secure transportation of panes, oversized formats and frames. Optional equipment enhances the functionality and not only ensures your vehicle is user-friendly but also that your customers can see how highly organised your business is.

MAN TGS 18.420 with Palfinger crane and tarpaulin-covered rack as an attachment option

Features of HEGLA truck attachments

  • Professional transport of heavy and extra-long goods,
  • Loading areas and loading positions are individually adapted for your vehicle,
  • If required, flatbed with C-profile incl. clamping shoes or box supports for fixing transport frames or glass boxes of different sizes,
  • Optional integration of a remote-controlled Palfinger crane for flexible loading and unloading and secure handling,
  • Can be optionally combined with a HEGLA exterior rack for additional and easily accessible loading positions
  • Variable loading height adjustment and telescopic clamping bars for tall goods
  • Optionally available in vehicle colour or lacquered in any RAL colour
  • Further customer-specific equipment to exactly adapt your vehicle to your requirements.

Have a market leader upgrade your vehicle to a glass-industry vehicle

Opting for a HEGLA transport attachment opens up a range of different equipment variants for your future glass-industry vehicle. Initially, you will meet with our specialists to go into detail about your operational purposes and use this as a basis for choosing your equipment. The vehicle will then be built from scratch based on the basic truck model. As a general rule, the vehicle will be fitted with a flatbed, in which specially designed C-rails will be recessed. Using one of these profiles will allow you to fix differently sized transport frames and glass boxes in almost any position on the flatbed using clamping frames or box supports as required. For increased safety as well as improved handling and thus customisable loading and unloading, a remote-controlled crane can also be installed. This means that the delivery driver always has access to the transported frames, even without an indoor crane. In addition to a flatbed and crane, we recommend adding an exterior rack for additional and easily accessible loading positions. This provides you with a secure place to fix over-large elements that would block the flatbed. By dividing the goods between the flatbed and exterior rack, the vehicle offers even greater flexibility.

Configurable options

Single-sided rackSingle-sided rack
 HEGLA LKW double reffDouble-sided rack
HEGLA trucks - platform with c profile Flatbed with C-rails
HEGLA LKW with loading cranePalfinger loading crane
HEGLA truck partially plannedSplash-guard tarpaulin
Rack tarpaulin coverRack tarpaulin cover
HEGLA trucksFull tarpaulin cover
 HEGLA truck with soft topEdscha cover
HEGLA trucks with sliding bow coverHandlebar cover
Single-sided rack
 HEGLA LKW double reff
HEGLA trucks - platform with c profile
HEGLA LKW with loading crane
HEGLA truck partially planned
Rack tarpaulin cover
HEGLA trucks
 HEGLA truck with soft top
HEGLA trucks with sliding bow cover

Top-quality consulting,
planning and implementation

There is nothing that can’t be improved. Our staff are always striving to become better and ensure “quality in everything we do”.

The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal, and we are driven by a desire to offer them bespoke consultancy and customer care.

We will work with you to find the perfect solution for your lorries and delivery vehicles for transporting panes, frames, windows and bulky items.

Chat to us, we would be happy to advise you.

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  • The right attachment for every vehicle type and need
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The MAN TGS 18.420 features a tarpaulin-covered glass rack and advertising options. Furthermore, it features a crane.
Tarpaulin-covered MAN TGS 18.420 with glass rack and Palfinger crane.
MAN TGS 18.420 with advertising tarpaulin and Palfinger crane.