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A glass-industry vehicle for a special price, two storage and transport vehicles for intralogistics, and a long-goods warehouse that industry visitors can examine as closely as they please. Hans-Peter Löhner from HEGLA Fahrzeugbau is certain that his company has interesting ideas and new products to offer at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE trade fair.

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Glass-industry vehicle for a special price

In the opinion of HEGLA’s managing director, the “Fensterbau/Frontale Edition” skilled trades promotion, launched in partnership with Renault, will attract plenty of attention. In time for the trade fair and for a limited time only, the partners have created a package containing the Renault Master and HEGLA transport attachment for a special price of only €25,500 plus VAT. Equipped with an exterior rack, a roof rack, and an interior rack with a folding horizontal support, the vehicle provides a combination of horizontal and vertical supports, which enjoys the highest demand. A special feature of the exterior rack is an extra-wide horizontal support, which makes it ideal for delivering several window elements at the same time, for example. The tool cabinet system, which is also part of the promotion, helps to keep perfect order, “ensuring that customers have an excellent first impression,” said Mr Löhner.

Express van for courier and delivery trips in the city

With the Renault Kangoo minivan at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE, HEGLA will for the first time be showing an agile vehicle for express deliveries in the city that anyone can drive. The exterior rack can be flexibly removed by one person and mounted again for quick changeovers from courier to private trips. A pull-out interior rack enables the user-friendly loading of the interior with individual panes, smaller windows or other goods that require special protection for transport in the van interior.

Harp racks: Space-saving on two levels

At the previous FENSTERBAU FRONTALE trade fair, HEGLA presented its double-level harp rack in which up to 100 individual panes or residual sheets can be place for direct access on two levels. It was received so warmly that an improved model will be on exhibit in Nuremberg and on sale for a special trade-fair price.

Visitors who are looking for new ideas when it comes to internal transport and insulating glass storage should plan to take a look at the A30 easy-roll storage rack. Users can easily place ISO units on it in production sequence, and they can be removed in any order depending on production needs.

Extra-long lengths in a row

The HEGLA subsidiary in Kretzschau plans to use FENSTERBAU FRONTALE as a stage upon which it can exhibit its long-goods storage system. The combination on exhibit consists of a long-goods storage system that can be pulled out crosswise and lengthwise. It will give trade fair visitors a good idea of how it is possible to systematically store sorted goods in a very compact space. When loading or unloading one or more pallets, the shelves are moved until a gap is created. If only single profiles must be removed, it is possible to pull them out of the pallets from the front. “With our storage system, up to 50 percent more can be stored in an existing surface area. The system is clear and orderly, so taking inventory of the existing profile is much easier,” said Mark Stoschek, long-goods specialist at HEGLA. “It also eliminates the need to re-stack and search, which optimises work processes and makes them easier to plan.”

HEGLA will be presenting its exciting products in Hall 3a at Stand 103

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Renault Master

Image 1: Glass-industry vehicle for immediate use: FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Edition: The Renault Master with a HEGLA transport attachment for a special trade fair price of €25,500 plus VAT.

[Translate to English:] HEGLA Lagersysteme

Image 2: With the crosswise HEGLA long-goods storage system, companies can store up to 50 percent more in an existing surface area. Movement to a gap brings the pallets into position for direct access.

[Translate to English:] HEGLA Doppelstock Fächerwagen

Image 3: Two levels, more compartments: The BF 50 10 ND double-level harp rack from HEGLA holds up to 100 panes or sheets for direct access.